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About us

In 1998 Managers & Directors Pty Ltd established a strategic mentoring and advisor network. This network is positioned to support, advise, and inspire business owners and senior executives in their function, performance, and future development.

The significance of this mentoring network crystalised a long-held passion within many successful business leaders across Australia. Indeed many such luminaries, having gained the rewards of business success, embraced mentoring as an opportunity to give back something to the broader business community.

Managers & Directors now provides clients with access to a network of hundreds of current and former CEOs and Managing Directors.

All our mentors and advisors are handpicked. To be selected, a candidate must: be a current or former successful business CEO, Managing Director or senior executive, possess specific critical skills, demonstrate natural business acumen, and exhibit strong leadership qualities.

All Managers & Directors mentors fulfil these criteria, which means they are exceptional role models for you and your organisation.